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If unfortunately “1989” leaks, please:

  • Report all links to Big Machine/Taylor Nation
  • Not share the link, at all
  • Refrain from downloading/sharing the music

These leaks not only cost Taylor and her management a lot of money, but ruin the surprise of the official release, and may decrease the hype surrounding it.

Taylor taping backstage for Ellen! (x)


I gotta have YOU.

Taylor rehearsing for the iHeartRadio Festival [x]

Taylor Swift leaving her apartment with Olivia | 9.16.14

They actually wanted you to put country music on 1989, and you said ‘Absolutely not’?

Taylor Swift + New York City “New York is one of those cities that feels worth dressing up for […] I just feel like when I walk out onto the sidewalk in New York, I have to just try a little harder.”

trouble trouble trouble