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7/6/14 (x)

So it looks like Taylor has commented on a picture on instagram of one of our swiftsecrets!

This makes me both extremely happy and yet kinda upset at the same time because it was reposted and seen as someone else’s if that makes sense ahah

but hey tay!


I can’t believe we’re going on five albums now, when I feel like it’s still just the beginning. With this album, I’m not trying to open up a new chapter; I’m trying to start a completely new book.

It has to have the common thread of confessional songwriting and my fans getting a glimpse into what’s really happening in my life, but sonically, you can go anywhere. That’s the cool thing.

Taylor Swift sees ‘Red’ over her latest Grammy nominations (via tayswiftdotcom)

I think going out into the crowd for Taylor is what she needs to do, during a show to feel that connection with her audience. Um it’s…it’s hard for her to just stay on stage. I think that she looks at them and sees these looks on their faces and…she has to get closer.” -Andrea “Mama” Swift on Taylor walking through the audience

First & Last Shows of the: Fearless Tour, Speak Now World Tour, and Red World Tour

7/13/14 (x)


The Red Tour: Singapore (June 9th, 2014)